DesignedWebs – Top 5 tips to improve your websites conversion rates

DesignedWeb’s top 5 tips to improve your websites conversion rates.

Is your website not performing to the expectations you had, maybe you’re getting all the traffic to the site, but nobody pursues anything on there. We hope we can help you achieve a higher level of efficiency and start converting traffic into business. Heres’ 5 tips on how to improve your websites conversion rates.

Tip 1: Easy to use!

This should go without saying, but your website needs to be easy to use. It could look awesome, but if it appears too complicated for an individual, they’re more likely to look elsewhere. It could even be frustrating for someone. We recommend getting all different types of people to check your website out, and get their honest opinions, start from the younger target audience and work your way up so that you cover all bases. Try computer literate people to less experienced people to try it. If at the end it turns out your website is hard to use for the majority of people, you may need to get a UI and UX designer to take a look at your site. It just so happens we offer this service, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Tip 2: Call to Action

A good call to action can really capture someones interest especially if it benefits them in anyway. It has the potential to turn someone who otherwise might leave into someone who might sign up for the newsletter. We use a call to action on our website, offering 30% off all services. This is an example of a call to action. If you already have a call to action, but it doesn’t perform how you’d like, then maybe a new design could be needed. Or even the call to action itself, add a new topic, or a new sales pitch, instead of 30% off you could offer a free product with every item the possibilities are truly endless.

Tip 3: Design of your site

Now this wont be as apparent as it is to us at DesignedWeb or other web designers, or even graphic designers, you may think that the design of your site doesn’t matter too much as long as the services you provide are the best you can get them. Well unfortunately that’s not the case, I know from experience, I wouldn’t order from a website, that looks bad, it would raise flags with me, I would question the legitimacy of the site, and a lot of others share the same opinion as me. Your site needs to look professional, beautiful, and it needs to stand out. The design of your site is extremely important in deciding whether or not someone stays or leaves within the first 5 seconds!

Tip 4: Site Speed

Okay so you’ve probably heard this a thousand times before if you’ve ever read a blog about how to improve your website, and the importance of website load speed. It is said that over half of the people will leave your site if it hasn’t loaded up in 3 seconds, now this may seem a bit of a overstatement but it’s true. People don’t like waiting, they will go find another site that loads up much quicker. So that’s why you need to be within that 3 second mark, some websites need a little more time to load, however 90% of websites should generally load up within 3 seconds.

Tip 5: Exposure

Last but certainly not least, is exposure. Exposure in this case represents the people who know about your website, your business. Exposure is vital for any website to work the way it was intended. If nobody is coming to your site, then nothing will come from your site. You need to drive traffic towards the site, and you need to get your brand recognised.

Lucky for you, DesignedWeb can fix all the above problems, and we offer a free website review to see which tips you’d benefit from. It’s as simple as filling our the form below and we will get in touch with you, with a full report on what improvements can be made, with a free consultation.

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